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Linea Spindle is a linear multi spindle 
with opposed vertical spindles

Only a 15 minute set-up time!

Compared to traditional bar stock fed multi spindles, this 4-spindle CNC machine guarantees higher precision, versatility, production flexibility and waste reduction. The particular strength of Linea Spindle is the reduction of the set-up time to just 15 minutes. This is possible due to the architecture and organization of the multi spindle itself, which is divided into two totally independent work areas. This allows you not only to replace a tool, but also to fully retool the machine without stopping the production cycle. Machine downtimes are thus kept to an absolute minimum, leading to important savings in the production process.
Linea Spindle is a CNC machine that is ideal for sectors needing the production of extremely large families of pieces, such as for hydraulics, oil hydraulics, automotive, fittings, and so on.

Linea spindle   Linea spindle   Linea spindle

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