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Turning and Lean Production,

the new book by Gianfranco Sala

How to produce flexibly and boost the competitiveness of your company.

There is no best solution, only the one that best suites a given problem. And when the problem is production flexibility in the turning sector, Linea Spindle is undoubtedly a cutting-edge solution that must be taken into consideration.

The turning market, Lean Production, Just in Time, the birth of Linea Spindle, case studies: read how manufacturing can evolve!

Turning and Lean Production



Chap. 1
Why I wrote this book (& why it is useful to read it)
Chap. 2
What the market offers today in terms of turning systems
Chap. 3
There is no right solution for every problem, only the right solution for that problem
Chap. 4
The Lean Production method
Chap. 5
How to evaluate & choose a machine tool
Chap. 6
The revolution - The birth of Linea Spindle
Chap. 7
From theory to practice: two case studies

Turning and Lean Production | SALA

Gianfranco Sala
Passionate about machine tools since he was a boy, after graduating in Engineering, Gianfranco Sala decided to continue the work started by his father, and soon transformed what was a simple technical workshop into a much more structured company. In the 1980s, the SALA® brand firmly established itself in the world of precision turning, and today, with over 40 years of experience behind him, Engineer Sala is aiming to revolutionize the production process in the machine tool sector, along a new ... LINE.
Gianfranco Sala